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This 4 Camera Video Surveillance system and installation includes every thing you need to monitor and documet real events at your office and busness. Includes 4 indoor outdoor IR 4K IP camras, Network hardware, cabling and a world class Avigilon Video Server. We also include Network configuration , a DDNS service and remote support software.  This system may be scaled to any ammount of cameras needed. allows remote monitoring from smartphone or PC and intergrates with Avigilon Access controll platform.

This is is the best VMS system avalable today.  


This is a  System for Life Product. You only pay for the installation. Omni Wire Intergration group supplys all hardware and softwere as well as maintane and upgrade your system for the duration of the subscription. There is no additional charge for service, repair, replacement, or updates. Opon conclusion of your subscription you may buy out the system electronics or we will collect the equipment for you at no cost to you. This is a great option to keep your start up cost low and gain a fixed tax deductable expense.  


Scription fee for this system is $149.00 pm

Video Surveillance System and Installation. System For Life

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